The computer databases FLAMINGO for crop protection products registered in Poland.

FLAMINGO is the consulting company offering experience in databasis of crop protection products.

Our Plant Protection Product databasis comprice:

  • current list of officialy authorised in Poland products
  • full text of the labels ( currently near 900)
  • the computer advisory system allowing to find the products:
  • 1. Recommended to control defined pest (agrophag) on selected plant.
    2. Based on defined active substance.
    3. Depending of their destination (moluscocides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and others).
    4. Acting in specific mode of action (contact, systemic,stomac, pre-emergence, post-emergence).
    5. Registered on the background of "pararell import".
    6. Defined by owner of authorisation (Bayer, Barclay, Isagro).
    7. Overterminated in selected period time.
    8. Being on retail sale.
    9. Which text of label was recently modified (new clasification, change of validity period, extention of registration and others).
    10.Classified as : very toxic, toxic, harmfull for men, for water organisms, for bee, dangerous for environment and others).

    And several others options.

Advantages of FLAMINGO databases

  • easy in service (Windows environment)
  • the updating 8 times per year via internet after presenting individual password and identifying code.
  • the source of data for elaboration of the crop protection programs, the dissertation works, the controling of whole and retail sale.
  • the updated list of Annex I of the Directive 91/414

The Users

Our clients have been using Flamingo databases since 1995.
They represent: the officers of plant protection services, the foreign and domestic manufacturers of ppp, the agronomy and nature departments of universities, the research institutes, the agriculture press, the agricultural schools, wholesale and retail distributors, the farmers and other advisory units.

The company contact information

FLAMINGO dr E. Czaplicki
Zwierzyniecka Str. 10
60 - 813 Poznań

mobile : +48 605 117 417
mobile: +48 601 775 601


Access to the Flamingo database on-line.

The database is made available only after receiving an individual password. The condition for obtaining a password to sign an agreement on annual subscriptions. More about order details... here

If you have an individual password of database Flamingo, click "PRESS" and log-in to the system.